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Steps to building the PySwissEph library on Windows

  • Download a Python27 release
  • Download MinGW
  • During the MinGW setup, install GCC/G++ plus additional libraries (“pthreads, etc, etc”)
  • Configure Python and MinGW to work together by following: this link
  • In pyswisspeh-master/libswe/swejpl.c around line 79 comment out the following line: /*typedef __int64 off_t;*/
  • in add pthreads to your Link Flags: ldflags = ['-lpthread']

Chasing Enlightenment

I have an underlying fear that I will end up being taken away in one of two directions, to the loony bin, or to a place out in space internally and then to the loony bin. However after having this understanding, I feel it is a great deal more simplistic, and those concerns are really unnecessary.
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