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Steps to building the PySwissEph library on Windows

  • Download a Python27 release
  • Download MinGW
  • During the MinGW setup, install GCC/G++ plus additional libraries (“pthreads, etc, etc”)
  • Configure Python and MinGW to work together by following: this link
  • In pyswisspeh-master/libswe/swejpl.c around line 79 comment out the following line: /*typedef __int64 off_t;*/
  • in add pthreads to your Link Flags: ldflags = ['-lpthread']

Chasing Enlightenment

I have an underlying fear that I will end up being taken away in one of two directions, to the loony bin, or to a place out in space internally and then to the loony bin. However after having this understanding, I feel it is a great deal more simplistic, and those concerns are really unnecessary.
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[Riddle of All Therapies] How to ask a question?

Words that form in our mind such as: Should, Could, What, Must, But, If – Which are used to form a question for yourself or others, whether used separately or in conjunction with each other.

If you follow the path of where these questions come from, asking yourself each step along the way if your question is formed with your honest purpose, following the path of this question to where it can be asked without use of these keywords. It is then possible that all questions you may have will be answered.

A question becomes a riddle when Shell: “Display all 2588 possibilities?” comes in to effect. Thus the riddle of all therapies.