Chasing Enlightenment

I have an underlying fear that I will end up being taken away in one of two directions, to the loony bin, or to a place out in space internally and then to the loony bin. However after having this understanding, I feel it is a great deal more simplistic, and those concerns are really unnecessary.

The best way to explain this concept is through my current understanding of mental illness. Insight through meditation is following the source of your internal voice which is a reflection of your self projection in the Karmic universe.

People with mental illness simply reflect this Karmic projection in what appears externally. They become confused and it eventually grasps them in to the world behind the Buddhist concept of delusion. The principal concept behind delusion “Is the identity to self of that which is false”.

Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and was enticed by apparitions of women, demons and all sorts. My understanding is, the communication of the highest self that awakens is when these manifested reflections have been passed through.

What follows is a guide to insight through meditative practice.

Have you ever been alone, thinking to yourself and reflecting on important moments of your day. Maybe it is raining and you are lacking ambition, so you are doing a simple task trying to have a clearer mental picture of your personal obstacles in life.

In this seemingly mundane natural moment you are following a karmic vehicle, this is a path, to a path, to a path of a universal thought.

When we become hindered in our path to enlightenment is when we begin following and even chasing this Karmic vehicle by acknowledging our internal voice through additional words, emotions and even our body language.

Insight through meditation is connecting to the Karmic universe using the principal of “listening to your internal voice without reflection, acknowledging this voice by listening.”

A Meditative Practice

  • Ask yourself a question, the question should be able to relate many possible answers. (Who am I?)
  • Sit silently, allow your internal voice to manifest on it’s own keeping in mind the question you gave yourself.
  • You should choose to not reflect upon this internal brain wave. Acknowledge the potential answer by listening, allowing the thought to subside.
  • Continue this process, allowing yourself to awaken deeper and deeper internally.

Light chasing sound
though eternal we are bound
where the formless takes form and creation is found.