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NginX with Web2py: Forcing a url to use a single domain

I have for some time wanted to find a simple way to force a domain into a single address www.domain or http://domain with web2py using and nginx. I did a bit of research more than a few times into and the mapping system seemed a bit confusing and time consuming for me to take my existing routed domains and make the necessary changes. So I began to look at the server configuration and here is what I came up with after a bit of research.
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Actionscript PyCurl and Socks – Final

This part deals mostly with the requesting of videos to load. Currently I have set up a Tor Hidden HTTP Service for adding video files to. I then request those videos through Tor/Privoxy Client which connects using PyCURL/CURL. Videos are dynamically managed by passing the filename into a flashvars parameter from my database table where it requests the file from the Tor Hidden HTTP Service.
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